11th May 2020, 11:38 PM
Finally reach the stairs

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Finally reach the stairs
"I think the hallway's trapped," you mutter under your breath.

Kate nods. "I'll go first."

You nod back.

You kick the door open. Kate rushes forward.

You poke ahead with the full length of your sword, testing the floor for any switches or traps that might lie in your path.

...A section of the floor immediately gives, and sinks several inches.

The trap was right in front of the fucking door.


Kate whirls around. "What--"

Hearing the hiss, you have time to duck your head back into the doorframe for a last gasp of clean air.

Kate does not.

She sputters as green vapor floods the entire hallway ahead, spraying in through cracks along both walls. "God-- *hack* dammit Plaire!" Kate laughs between coughs, luckily taking the fact that you just gassed her in good humor.

It's not a short walk to the stairs, you can only hold your breath so long, and the thickening fumes are rapidly obscuring your view. Also, you can hear the right-to-knows fumbling behind you.

You take off, straight into the gas, cheeks puffed out. You grab Kate by the tail as you run, clutching your sword in your other hand; she's still struggling to get the miasma out of her lungs.


She has to have lungs, right? To breathe?

...Little devil doll lungs?

You stick close to the wall, counting the doors and veering left when you think you're at the stairs. You clip the corner a bit with your shoulder, and maybe bounce Kate off the wall a bit (it's hard to see through the fog, but you definitely hear her... uh... squeek, between wheezing and gagging on toxic fumes), but you make it onto the staircase. You exhale hard and take a fresh breath of non-green air, and Kate starts to catch her own breath.

Your dead sprint peters out rapidly; there's a lot of stairs, and you've been doing a lot of running. Once it becomes clear that the bony boys aren't following you (they may have succumbed to the poison?), you and Kate stop to rest on the stairs.

"Are... are you poisoned now?," you ask.

Kate takes a deep breath... and sways a little, staring off into space. "UhhhI'm gonna say yes? Stomach hurts, head hurts... kinda dizzy. Pretty sure this is what being poisoned feels like."

"It's... good to know that it's so obvious?"

"It'd be cooler if it wasn't," Kate replies with a dry smirk. "This kinda sucks."

"I should be running out of juice soon, anyway," you point out as you begin making your way up the stairs. "So in a way, we're both on a countdown."

"Man," Kate huffs as she flutters after you... not nearly as energetically as before, "we fought all those monsters just to die to like... this shit. We should tell Cici we were killed by a dragon."

"I mean..." you shrug, and offer a grim smile to Kate. "There's still time."

You eventually make it to the top of the stairs.

"This place sure likes its long ass hallways," comments Kate.

"Good," you reply. "If we're in a hallway, we can't fight anything bigger than... well, a hallway."

Kate quirks a brow. "You expecting a dragon, or...?"

"I'm expecting a boss fight," you reply. "It wouldn't be much of a game without one. ...Probably not a dragon, though. Maybe. I don't know."

The walls are the same, but the doors are normal looking doors--with doorknobs, but no handy windows with which one might peek inside. The floor is carpeted now, too; it's moldy, wet carpet, but carpet nonetheless. It reminds you a little of the church you used to go to--you were bewildered when they decided to spend some ridiculous amount of money on redoing the carpet, even though the carpet the church had was fine and that money could have gone to the poor, or a hospital, or... fucking anything but shitty green carpet.

You brought it up to your dad, and he was a big asshole about it and you never mentioned it again.

You check the first door on your left. "Locked." Ughhhh

Kate huffs. "Damn. If I was in my body I could just kick that fucker in."

You bet she could, too.

The next door down, on the right, is just a plain door; you start to turn the knob, but decide to check the rest of the hall first. You did just get to this floor, after all, and for once you can't hear any stupid spine things mumbling in the walls. You've confirmed this one isn't locked, at least.

The fourth door from the stairs--nearest to where the hallway turns left, and out of sight--is cracked and splintered, out toward the hall. ...Like something has attempted, and failed, to break out of the room.

The third door (also on the left) is what seems to catch Kate's attention, and after passing it to examine the splintered door, you return to it. It's a pretty normal door, like the others, just...

there's a giant heart painted on it.

...In what absolutely looks like blood.

"Talk about mixed signals," Kate chuckles before coughing.

"Think it's real? You know... actual blood?"

"Oh, definitely," says Kate. "It smells like blood. That thick, it should dry in like... I dunno, an hour, tops."

KATE SURE KNOWS A LOT ABOUT BLOOD "...So this was done recently."

Kate nods. "Yeah."

You squint at the door. "...Unless it's some convoluted magic blood that never dries and just normally shows up on this door. ...For some messed up reason."

"...Yeah? I guess," Kate says with a shrug and another weak smile. "Look, I have given up trying to get how your funky brain dungeon works."

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11th May 2020, 11:47 PM
At this point, what's one more bad desicion? open it.
11th May 2020, 11:51 PM
Any information is good information, +1
11th May 2020, 11:56 PM
Difficulty spikes (such as two consecutive rooms full of toxic gas traps right after a hall full of deadly monsters) tend to be followed by periods of calm, and boss battles tend to be preceded by "suspicious generosity." This heart door might have something good inside. Let's take a look-- wary of an ambush or something, of course.
11th May 2020, 11:59 PM
Looks like a intermission area, generally a place you can pick up an item, heal a little, access to a shop, etc. Usually in the middle, or before a bossfight.
12th May 2020, 8:07 AM
12th May 2020, 12:48 AM
12th May 2020, 8:38 AM
11th May 2020, 11:55 PM
Perhaps we can listen at the door? Er, poke it with our sword first, though. The heart door certainly seems most intriguing.

Honestly, blood is one of the most accessible things there is for writing stuff, if you have nothing else to write with. Especially in such a dangerous place as this, someone might write with their *own* blood from a previous injury, or they might use the blood of a monster that was trying to kill them, which is really not all that ominous, just... normal for this place XD

Also of course Kate knows about blood, have you seen what a daredevil she is? She's probably bled *all over* all sorts of things.
11th May 2020, 11:57 PM
"have you seen what a daredevil she is?"
Haw haw haw, dare DEVIL.
12th May 2020, 12:07 AM
Oh damn I didn't even NOTICE the pun but I bet that's a big part of why she's the Devil!
12th May 2020, 12:04 AM
Open door, enter room. How heart could it be?
12th May 2020, 12:14 AM
See if you can open the heart door while not standing in front of it.
12th May 2020, 1:24 AM
Hearts are a consistent sign of healing and safe havens in games, no matter how bloody or otherwise questionable. This is probably a checkpoint room; definitely go in.
12th May 2020, 1:49 AM
Hearts are good.

What about that gap at the end of the hallway? We need to look at least...although I am concerned the wall monster might be lurking, but confirming would mean the monster passage shows on the map.
12th May 2020, 2:50 AM
Just had a thought: Plaire should discard her weapon whenever possible before dying or fading out (we don't know if fading out still creates a Shadow Plaire or not). We don't get to keep anything anyways (not even the Do Not Reset sword) so in case the Shadow Plaire DOES, it'd be best to prevent it from getting any resources.
That said, don't discard the sword JUST YET; I meant this as a future consideration.

Start with the heart door first. As evidenced by the chest room that had no traps AND the map room as well, not ALL of the dungeon is dangerous. And seeing as how the dungeon works on video game logic, a single heart door (no spade, club, star, moon, etc. doors) is a good indication of something, if not positive, at least manageable (maybe a shop that trades blood/essence/time for items).
12th May 2020, 3:30 AM
I'd go open the normal looking door first.
12th May 2020, 6:27 AM
Honestly we should maybe ignore the doors.
12th May 2020, 8:57 AM
We're both approaching the end of our time, I say go for it; open the <3 door. +1 to quickly knocking first though. The locked door probably has rewards, and the cracked door could be a monster, a failed player, or both. The normal door could be anything. I'd like to open all of them if we can once we're done with the heart room, on order of how far they are down the hall so we can beat a retreat further up and farther in if need be.

We haven't been using any volleyball powers, so we also might not fade out. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to let Kate die of poison if we have a choice, though I'm not sure what we could do to speed up the process that doesn't also involve using Kate as a volleyball. Maybe we could try jiggling our chest a lot.

If the floor below us is B1, that should mean this is the ground floor! I don't expect to run into any doors, but it's good to know your position.

Blood that doesn't dry... I want it to be. It could just be fresh. The Fresh Prints of Blood Door. Still, I hope.
12th May 2020, 12:34 PM
If this is the ground floor then that means there should be a window to the outside world in one of these rooms, right? Would be interesting if there wasn't...
12th May 2020, 4:15 PM
It's interesting that the normal looking door is the only one on the right side. There might be some hidden symbolism that we're not seeing.

+1 on opening doors, being cautious of course.
20th Jun 2020, 5:49 PM
Doors! The biggest killer in any Dnd game.