2nd Mar 2020, 10:35 PM
Ask for episode recommendations and leave

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Ask for episode recommendations and leave
You just... take a second to process.


You have gotten a lot of information and a lot of help in a very short amount of time.

"Thank you," you finally state. "Is there a way I can... I don't know... get you guys on speed dial or something?"

Afu grins. "I'll put The Back Room's number in the phone when I bring it tomorrow."

You nod. "Alright. You guys have been... a huge help. I'll definitely be back tomorrow."

You begin to leave, but stop short at the door. "Infohazard, right? Any episodes you'd recommend...?"

"Bro," Afu replies, "I can't even pick a favorite."

Marlow smiles. "Yeah, they're all mindblowers. Even the new ones are pretty good, they're just..."

"Not the same," concludes Afu.

You head across the parking lot to the bus stop.

You wait a little bit, but not too long.

The bus pulls up.

"Do I walk like a cop?" You don't know why you're asking the bus this, of all people; maybe she's programmed to analyze human posture or something. "I was told I walk like I'm going to arrest someone. Or commit arson. Which in retrospect is also something I'm getting accused of a lot lately."

"I'm afraid I'm not equipped to analyze human posture," fuck "...but the way you walked into that building was visually distinct from the way you walked out."


You board the bus and take your usual seat.

It's about 6:30 pm.

"Where would you like to go next, Plaire?"

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2nd Mar 2020, 10:48 PM
Plaire should go home to prepare for the sleepover and maybe make another video if she has time for both, because she is still workin' for a livin'.
2nd Mar 2020, 10:52 PM
Yes definitely do anything possible to make the house more comfortable for the planned guests.
2nd Mar 2020, 11:41 PM
+1 this immediately
3rd Mar 2020, 3:12 AM
3rd Mar 2020, 6:19 AM
3rd Mar 2020, 9:05 AM
There's no way we have time for a video now. A good video takes around six hours, which we definitely do not have, and it would hurt our channel to keep churning out low effort content.
3rd Mar 2020, 9:12 AM
+1, and otherwise call it an early day. We've been super productive the last few days, and I think we've earned a few hours break.
2nd Mar 2020, 11:01 PM
Definitely go home. Think about whether or not to tell Cici Marlow's suspicions that Cici might be a sleeper agent.
2nd Mar 2020, 11:19 PM
I would vote not to at this point, maybe talk about it with others like Kate beforehand. Who knows, the sleeper agents may be programmed to eliminate anybody who suspects them of being sleeper agents!
2nd Mar 2020, 11:42 PM
or maybe she just has been ordered to do so and can choose to obey or not
3rd Mar 2020, 7:14 AM
I assumed that the sleeper agents would have some kind of subconscious programming that would override their free will. If I remember correctly from BIM, the cloned/engineered people in this world are given other people's memories so that they come out of the tube as adults and not infants, so who knows how their minds have been messed with? But of course that's just my assumption.
2nd Mar 2020, 11:53 PM
(I wonder if the new host is anyone we know of. Be kinda cool if he's Zene.)
3rd Mar 2020, 12:29 AM
Someone who has been denied any authority over their lives may act in a way that overcompensates later on when they're capable of having more control and self determination. Might be that Plaire is simply acting in that way, or it may be that she picks up on behavior easily, and specifically picked up on the behavior of one of your ex-cop friends. Could also simply be due to how Plaire is feeling at the current moment.
3rd Mar 2020, 12:35 AM
If we're to host a sleepover, we should be capable of providing sustenance and refreshments to our guests. I suggest we get groceries, or at least proper sleepover snacks. Hazard a trip to Maria's?
3rd Mar 2020, 6:19 AM
3rd Mar 2020, 9:42 AM
Unless we know how to unburn a grocery store, Maria's doesn't look like an option...
3rd Mar 2020, 11:03 AM
We should have food already, the hard part is preparing it. Slice and fry some potatoes, tear up some lettuce for a salad and serve with hummus.
3rd Mar 2020, 3:18 AM
It's getting late, let's go home. Maybe start looking into what we'll be doing for dinner later, especially with a guest coming over.
3rd Mar 2020, 8:27 AM
It is late, we are ordering food after Cici arrives.

Once over the bathroom. A freshly cleaned toilet and sink may help...
Trash any trash, wipe down the kitchen.
Freshen ourself up.


Contemplate emailing a short, less than a minute, video to our folks. Do not include location information. Topic is "preventing needless worry". Yes, we left on our own accord. Yes we are safe and have a safe place to stay, no we do not want to call and talk.
3rd Mar 2020, 5:22 PM
Anxiety is just a variety of fight-or-flight response. Since Plaire was anxious to walk into a new place and meet new people, she was probably visibly in fight-or-flight mode, which can look aggressive because it's literally your body preparing for violence (whether engaging in it or fleeing from it). Meeting like-minded and friendly people, on the other hand, can reduce anxiety, which would take her out of fight-or-flight and change her posture.

We definitely need to get some meds, but also, this is a good sign that making friends is starting to provide environmental benefits that are reducing Plaire's anxiety in a tangible way. We're building a support network! Support networks are super important for good psychological outcomes, so this is a great thing~

For most people, the Spooky House would increase their anxiety. For Plaire, she was already in such a bad place that it's actually helping to provide the building blocks for *treatment* due to helping her make friends and form a support network. I think the Mayor's assessment of our likelihood to survive is overly pessimistic because, well, we were already going through such shit that the Spooky House is proving to be *good* for us.