11th Feb 2020, 4:26 PM
Knock on the door

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Knock on the door

This is it.

You look around to make sure there aren't any other red houses.

You silently rehearse what you're going to say.

You take a deep breath, and walk up the steps to the porch.

You knock on the front door.

You had secretly hoped that it would take a little longer to get a response, but you immediately hear movement from inside the house.

There's the sound of someone fiddling with a lock, and--

the door swings open to reveal Kate's mom.

She is... in impressively good shape for a woman in what you estimate to be her 40s.

"Hi!," she says, smiling wide.

"H-Hello," oof she looks a lot like Kate and it's a little weird "I'm looking for... Kate...?" You can see her just starting to answer you when you blurt out "I'm a friend of hers."

"Oh!," exclaims Kate's mom, "I think she's at work, but you might try around back. I think she was out late... she might've called in?"

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11th Feb 2020, 4:35 PM
Give a nod and a polite 'thanks' and do as the woman says. No need to stay here and stare at her and make it awkward. Not like we really have anything to say to her at the moment.
11th Feb 2020, 5:27 PM
+1 polite thank you, I'll check there then, and head around back.

(I am hoping for a nice treehouse back there, but somehow expect a small, windowless garden shed)
11th Feb 2020, 7:23 PM
I wonder if that's their natural color or they just use the same hair dye.
11th Feb 2020, 9:09 PM
Plaire should get Kate's and Cici's phone numbers even before she buys a phone, so she is ready.
12th Feb 2020, 6:16 AM
11th Feb 2020, 11:22 PM
Ask her where Kate works
12th Feb 2020, 2:18 PM
If Kate is not here and we leave a message with Kate's mom, try not to mention the drugs we want from Kate. I know we tried to get the drugs legally and the doctor was too far away and too expensive, but Kate's mom really doesn't have to know.