15th Jan 2020, 5:51 PM
Discuss going to Cici's

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Discuss going to Cici's
"...Cici," you mutter simply. You take the offered beer from Kate's hand, but you're a little wary of consuming alcohol while on any pills (let alone mysterious, off-market anxiety pills). You don't open it just yet.

"Like, puppy patrol Cici?," Kate asks.

"Librarian Cici."

"Yeah," Kate replies.

"She was at the concert with me," you begin. "She helped me escape. She knows I wasn't... I dunno, carrying around gasoline or anything. Even if she can't give us a place to stay, maybe she knows what to do? She's like... cop adjacent, right?"

Kate takes a short puff of her level. "Very cop adjacent. You sure she won't just turn us in and let the law sort it out?"

You shake your head. "I don't think she would."

"How long have you known her?"

You don't immediately reply, but you're pretty sure your wince and hesitance say enough. You've only been here for three days, and that puts a pretty finite cap on how well you could even lie about it.

Kate sighs. "I've hung out with her sister a couple times, I know where she lives and I... think? They're still roommates? ...But you're not gonna like it."

"Why?," you ask. You're thrown off by the revelation that Cici has a sister but, priorities. "Is her house right next to the grocery store or something? Does she live under the police station?"

Kate gives a wry, fake smile. "She enjoys affordable rent and all the convenience of a mall next door in her...

drum roll please--"

The bus begins to play a canned drum roll sound effect, causing Kate's goofy grin to widen

"--MondolHomes apartment."

Brief pause.


"God DAMN it," you blurt out. "I'll bet it was MondolGroup that started the fucking fire in the first place."

"Right?," Kate replies. "It does seem like real convenient timing if it wasn't someone from the concert."

"...Or even if it was," you realize. "We still don't know who called the cops halfway into the show."

You see it all fall into place in Kate's expression. "Fuuuck me it was a setup," she states. "The concert distracted the cops while someone else got into position, and gave the cops a grab bag to pick scapegoats from. We had flyers all over town, and they used that to schedule the perfect time to fuck us over."

"AND MondolGroup has it out for Maria," you add. "So they get to try and take her down, dick you over for having concerts on their empty properties, AND the narrative pretty much writes itself--you said the cops here are lazy, right? They're not going to look deeper than what's immediately obvious. It's already laid out nice and neat what must have happened, why would they investigate past the surface?"

"I've searched the internet for Cici's cell phone number," the bus chimes in, "but I'm afraid it's unlisted."

"Might be impossible to find if it is listed," says Kate. "They don't have last names. God, this so lame--I could respect some villainous mastermind shit, but this whole scheme just hinges on us having shitty cops."

"And so far it's working," you add. "So, our options: we could go to your place."

"My place is kind of hidden and off the books," states Kate. "Unless my mom also invited the cops out back to show them around, in between dinner with Frankenstein and showing my baby pictures to the wolf man. The cops know where my mom lives, but she doesn't have to lie to say I don't live in that house anymore."

"We could stay at my place," you list off. "I'm new, they don't know who I am, they probably don't know where I live yet. The mayor might be making it harder for the cops to figure out who lives in the house, which could work to our advantage."

"Unless..." Kate, after some effort, manages to twist the cap off of her beer. "...The mayor decides to play the game herself. She explicitly knows where you live. If she feeds a couple hot tips to the cops, you go to prison for arson. Three square meals a day and police protection, she gets to live guilt free while poking at your empty house for... how long's the sentence for arson?"

"The minimum sentence is ten years," says the bus. "With a maximum of forty."

"That many," concludes Kate. "And Parsons doesn't even have to lie--she doesn't know if you did or didn't do the arson before rolling up to her office, and she'll sleep better not asking. Just let the cops do their job and enjoy her free house." After a moment of trying to figure out how to juggle the joint in her mouth, the bottle in one hand, and the now useless bottlecap in the other, she finally just shoves the bottlecap in her pocket. She removes the level from her lips and takes a drink of her beer.

"That..." You think about it for a moment. "Yeah, I don't know if she would--fuck if I know what kind of person Rill Parsons really is--but that sounds extremely possible. So if we stay at my place, we're gambling on whether the mayor's a massive piece of shit or just kind of rude and weird. ...Or if she'd even think to do that. It's a smart idea but it's--what'd you call it earlier? Villainous mastermind shit."

"I watch a lot of police procedurals and like... crime documentaries." Kate takes another puff, and another drink. "I don't know why. I fucking hate cops, man, but I can't stop."

You smile a little. "I still think our best bet is Cici's, but then we're in Mondol territory."

"The third floor of Mondol territory," Kate adds. "The arson investigation won't be Mondol's, but you can bet your sweet ass they'd love to help the local cops any way they can. That building's wired up like a Christmas tree--if you told me the bathrooms had cameras I'd believe it."

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15th Jan 2020, 6:24 PM
So, Kate lives in a treehouse behind her Mom's? (Way cool if true)

So, shopping list
Pocket notebook
Chalk or Sharpie marker
Probably obtainable for free by asking.
15th Jan 2020, 6:25 PM
Huh. Think there's another "not 7/11" on the way that'd have some baseball caps or other billed or rimmed hat? Kate at the very least probably shouldn't be looking quite as punk rock as she is and the only way I can think to change that fast would be a hat and a cheap poncho or rain coat. Scarves would be lovely if they're an option.

On a side note: always the option of asking the bus if it is willing to go/can dark and park somewhere outta the way for the night or sommat.
15th Jan 2020, 6:27 PM
Scarves and kerchifes are pocket sized and fasionable.
15th Jan 2020, 6:25 PM
Well ffuuuuUUUuuuuuck.... Maybe... I mean it's a long shot, but maybe we can try The Back Room? I think they're the kind of people who live to dismantle this kind of conspiracy bullshit.
15th Jan 2020, 6:30 PM
Well, all the obvious options suck.

Let's go to the back room. If they're still open, it's probably our best bet for finding a way out of all this. If they like conspiracies, they're probably going to be the most sympathetic people to our situation we'll find in this town. They'll probably be hyped to get news of some actual intrigue, and the fact that we just met the mayor should help. We've only been here three days, but we've managed to accrue a respectable legacy of legends.
15th Jan 2020, 6:35 PM
15th Jan 2020, 6:59 PM
Yeah, backroom sounds like a nice idea, lets see if we can get ourselves in there.
15th Jan 2020, 6:33 PM
Edit: if bumming a sleep at The Back Room might get them slapped with a "harboring criminals" charge then maybe that is not a good idea. If so, I change my mind I vote go to The Back Room to buy something then Cici's.

Edit: If Cici convinced the cops she was not the arson even though she was at the concert then the cops are not hopeless.

Ask if The Back Room is still open if so go there. Maybe they will let us bum a sleep there and we can buy Captemon cards or balls. Don't forget to play a game before bed in case we still have the dream and need powers.

If that doesn't work I can't decide between Kate's and Plaire's. Kate's would tell us if we can leave our house and not have the death dream and Plaire's would tell us if the dream is multiplayer.

I don't see a downside to sleeping at Plaire's. Unless Plaire never goes home again the mayor could do a dirty deal with Mondol (anything except explaining the house is magical) anytime and it's game over.

Sure the dreams kill you eventually, but this is just the first time for Kate.

Cici's is a bad idea the police know Cici was at the concert so I am worried about being on camera.

Kate's is OK. Would be interesting to find out if we don't get the death dream there, though.
15th Jan 2020, 7:01 PM
I vote going to the see if the Back Room is still open and seeing if they have a back room for us to sleep in. If not, try sleeping at Kate's place behind her mom's.
15th Jan 2020, 6:46 PM
You'd be amazed what a cheap wig can do.
15th Jan 2020, 7:00 PM
i still think cici is their best bet. living in a mondol apartment is likely more a matter of necessity or convenience rather than a sign of allegiance, as lab-grown people are almost always underpaid. also, she's made to be an animal control officer which means she's likely more compassionate than your average tube cop. she'll help, she's designed to.
15th Jan 2020, 7:20 PM
+1 but we could visit The Back Room first if they are still open to buy stuff.

Also Kate might know how to disable Cici's house's cameras like she did the bus.
15th Jan 2020, 7:36 PM
kate didn't disable the bus cameras. driving over a bump in the road did.
15th Jan 2020, 7:22 PM
Moreover, as long as we take some precautions and stay out of view of the obvious cameras (and don't make too much noise), its literally the last place that anyone would suspect us being.

Every option is a risk right now. We really just need to pick the least dangerous one. And definitelly thank Cici profusely for letting us stay the night.
15th Jan 2020, 7:30 PM
+1 Causticius, you said it better than me why I prefer to sleep at Cici's.

Edit: It would be interesting if we stayed at Cici's and all three of us had the death dream even though we were not at Plaire's. Going to Cici's is the only way to get a party of three into the dream if that's how it works.
15th Jan 2020, 7:32 PM
I'm not concerned about Cici's loyalty, but I *am* concerned that her apartment is gonna be bugged to shit without her knowledge. However, we can ask Cici if she knows of somewhere safe for us to chill, or even if she can let us into the library to stay there.
15th Jan 2020, 7:34 PM
+1 that might be my top choice now instead of Cici's apartment
15th Jan 2020, 7:34 PM
Did we ever actually ask the bus if we can sleep on the bus tonight? That might be worth asking, at least. Or heck, maybe she knows of somewhere safe we can go.
15th Jan 2020, 7:36 PM
I'm too scared they might find the bus and arrest us while we are sleeping. The cops saw us leaving the concert on the bus
15th Jan 2020, 11:54 PM
Since Cici already knows about the concert it shouldn't be hard to convince her to come outside, away from Mondol surveillance, to have a chat.
Sleeping at the new library might not be comfortable but at least it'd trouble no one (aside from needing Cici to let us in the building) and be extremely safe as far as cops snooping around goes.

One other option I'd throw out is going to Maria's grocery store and see if there's still an investigation or if all the cops have already buggered off; treating the matter as an open-and-shut case and allowing us to do our own investigating now.
16th Jan 2020, 3:42 PM
I really love how the people talk in your stories. Its really funny.

I really want Kate to sleep at our house just to see if we can get multiple people like some others said. Please do that, it would be really cool.
16th Jan 2020, 5:16 PM
My theory is that Kate would simply have her own separate nightmare, they seem to be tailored to fit the individual.