12th Dec 2019, 4:24 PM
Reacquire shield and map

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Reacquire shield and map
You watch through the barred window for a second or so to make sure nothing's going to come bursting in after you (or slithering through that same barred window). Only for a moment, though, as you imagine additional monsters could be showing up any minute now. You think you have a moment, at least, to gather yourself and breathe.

You head toward the center of the room (and away from the walls) to take a closer look at the taped knife. You wipe the acid off the blade with your remaining sock first.

The tape that forms its grip feels identical, texture-wise, to police tape. The size of it feels off, though--like it's a little smaller, more narrow than you think that style of tape should be. You've not seen a lot of real police tape in your life, though, so you're not sure.

What is definitely different is the printing on it. Rather than the usual DO NOT CROSS, this tape reads DO NOT RESET.

There's also something crudely scrawled along the side of the blade:


While I have a right to know still sounds agonizingly familiar, both of these lines are total nonsense. You know a lot of dumb game things, but even in the depths of your most obscure console trivia you can't recall any time it's dangerous to reset. Remember whose first lie? Yours? You don't know, you were probably like... five, and lied about owning a dinosaur or something. You don't know. Fuck. Does this place realize how many times you've lied in your life, and it wants you to remember the first time?

Fuck off, dungeon.

You realize quickly that you have better things to do than grit your teeth at this knife.

...Like seeing if you can dodge roll. Plaire Azul did it, you should be able to do it.

You think about it. Hard. You ... kind of fake like you're going to do one, a couple of times, but it doesn't kick off. You lean down and ... start to manually roll yourself, almost, but you back out at the last second.

You have two theories.

Theory #1: It's one of those power of belief/conviction type maneuvers. You have to commit, really know that you're going to dodge roll and then go for it and it'll just work itself out. The problem with this this theory is that if it's wrong, you're going to hurt yourself slamming head or spine first into a very solid floor. You would feel real dumb tomorrow typing "died via botched dodge roll" into your dream journal.

Theory #2 seems less likely but much, much easier to test.

You jump

. . .

roughly ten feet straight up. You still can't reach the ceiling, though.

The jump itself isn't bad, but you almost scream coming back down. Your knees almost give from the landing, and you have to take another second to fight off an attack. A panic attack? A heart attack? You stare at the floor and process.

Last night you played Crush Souls before bed. Dopplaireganger is likely based on you from last night. Crush Souls has very prominent dodge roll mechanics (and exploitable parries and backstabs, but you haven't seen her whip any of those out yet).

Tonight you played Magic Mustachio, a game about a man who... uh... jumps.

He has power-ups, too, but you strongly suspect the dungeon will not humor you if you decide to stuff real mushrooms in your pocket before bed. ...You're really not sure what other powers Magic Mustachio would give you. You sure as hell didn't get a moustache out of it. He mostly just does a lot of fancy jumps...?

Your heart's still racing, but a pleasant sounding lady's voice chiming "I have a right to know" from down your original hall prompts you to take off. You holster your knife in the back belt loops of your jeans, you grab the prison b1 map (which has not changed from last night) and the small shield.

You head north, into a hallway that at least looks monster free. You walk briskly but carefully, peeking into the surrounding cells while also watching your back. A few of the cells have more of those bloated corpses in them.

These don't stay down, though.

As you pass, the bodies stir with dull, grotesque noise. They stumble toward the doors of their cells, thick bumps sliding in and out of existence just under the surface of their skin. You hear the thud as the tumorous bodies try to shove their way out, but they lack the physical strength to push a heavy door open. A few of the needly worms manage to squeeze out of their host and through the bars, starting to inch down the front of a couple cell doors, but they're moving slow and not in nearly the same numbers--scouts, maybe, if acid nightmare parasites have those.

You keep walking, regardless.

If this hallway works like the other one, then your destination should be the next to last door on the left--it'll look like another cell door, but it'll lead to a different prison block. There's an exit further north, as well, but it just leads to another corner room and wraps back around to where you started.

You almost make it there without incident.


The banging of bug-controlled bodies on doors begins to alert those further ahead--one of which still has its strength. It stumbles as it bursts out of its cell, emerging into the hall right between you and the door you're trying to reach.

It appears to uh, have a bigger worm.

Also, a mace.

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12th Dec 2019, 4:37 PM
Yeah..... that's going to hurt to take head on. Could try to jump over it to get past though.
12th Dec 2019, 4:40 PM
Well, for starters grab our blade. We're... not likely to be able to put it to use against an armored opponent with our skill level, but it'd be nice to hold, at least.
Maybe... if it's blocking our path to the door, jump over it? And hope really, really hard the worm-thingy isn't going to reach up for our legs as we jump over it. Maybe flail the torch below us as we jump to discourage that, if Plaire thinks she can manage that?
12th Dec 2019, 4:42 PM
Welp, that tears it. Plaire needs to play Scribblenauts. Or whatever its copy in this world is.
But not now. For now, get running at that guy. We aren't going to jump on him, we're going to jump over. Later, once things have cooled off, try wall jumping.
13th Dec 2019, 3:28 PM
Ah but careful, if the shadow Plaires acquire the skill sets of the Plaire that died, trying to gain OP (over powered) powers might work against us until we fully know what we're up against throughout this dungeon.
12th Dec 2019, 4:50 PM
The problem with jumping over is that he has a weapon, which gives him reach. These enemies don't seem to function according to the rules of the game we're currently using-- which means that the corpse is probably perfectly capable of swinging *upward* and catching our legs.

We might still be able to jump over him if we bait him into a downward swing and *then* jump, though.

Edit: Does this particular Mustachio game have a side-hop in it, or something that could be used as a side-hop or maybe back-hop? That might assist us with baiting an attack out of him and dodging it. Dodge with a jump, then jump over.
12th Dec 2019, 5:03 PM
12th Dec 2019, 5:09 PM
I doubt that the worm can make the corpse move that fast, but still, we could throw the torch at it to test it's reflexes, then decide to jump over or not.
12th Dec 2019, 5:31 PM
Playing more appropriate games before bed can help us in tight spots, but the clones will also end up tougher.
Hmm. The enemies reset (that tendon thing...) and the infested mobs are alive, but not the one stabbed with a shiv bearing a 'DO NOT RESET' wrap...
- Hypothesis 1: when the knife kills something, it's for good - the next day, the thing won't respawn. But that sounds too easy, so something worse probably spawns elsewhere to replace it.
- Hypothesis 2: this property doesn't belong to the knife, but to the wrap. Transferring the wrap to the handle of any other weapon would give it this attribute.
We need to stab something dead. Magic Mustachio's never been too good at that, though.
Maybe the first clone, if we circle around the whole block.

Hmm. Plaire. Want to get your heart racing some more ?
If you survive this next encounter and reach the stairs, you'll probably be able to build up a friggin' BLJ and potentially glitch through the walls. Does it sound worth a death to you ?
12th Dec 2019, 7:59 PM
I doubt its the knife. games have used the take weapon from a corpse trick before. so by logic, the body is just the resting place for the knife in the dream and thus not an enemy. the worms likely are but not the body on its own
12th Dec 2019, 8:08 PM
I'm also wondering if the "Do Not Reset" might apply to us while we wield it (i.e. if we die we'll restart in the new position like a checkpoint rather than back in the starting cell).

My biggest worry with the jumping plan right now is that the worm is going to whip upwards and wrap around Plaire's leg, which will lead to horrible acidy death. D: But I think purple's on to something, maybe we can exploit a glitch here?
12th Dec 2019, 5:37 PM
Okay, let's video game logic this, then. How do bosses/minibosses in Crush Souls fight? Are they you're sort of "bait and punish" sort of deal? If so, then we could leverage that - try to look for an opening left by a big swing from him, then get behind him and take a swing at the worm half of him. If we can manage to kill the big worm, the corpse might return to being a corpse. I hope.

Now, you might ask, "Why don't we just run past him?" My fear is that if we just run past this guy, he's just going to chase us, and we're going to get pinched by the next obstacle. However, we want room to back away if need be, and there are still worms inching their way this direction from behind us. I think we have to fight this guy if we want to have any chance of progressing further safely.
12th Dec 2019, 5:50 PM
okay this is going to sound ridiculous but your going to want to Mario jum. . .Mustachio Jump that like its the 8-bit era and haul ass from the hallway after he preps his mace swing preferably one that is going to smash into the ground
12th Dec 2019, 8:36 PM
Draw aggro on mace guy..thing. Take towards acid worms. Draw downward attack and jump over.

Alternate, draw attack, groundpound with blade.
12th Dec 2019, 8:38 PM
Who says the first lie means Plaire's first lie? When I search for the first lie ever told top results reference the serpent in Eden saying "You shall not surely die." or something like that.
13th Dec 2019, 10:09 AM
Maybe we can use our superior jumps in another way, do a quickstep-type move; then we can try for a backstab for additional damage.
13th Dec 2019, 1:53 PM
If Mustachio is anything like Mario, then jumping onto the enemy will cause them damage.
13th Dec 2019, 3:33 PM
But remember some enemies would hurt Mario if jumped upon and take no damage themself.
22nd Dec 2019, 5:24 PM
Small Nitpick: that's a morningstar, not a mace.